Grants Application Policy


1) Please tell us what Criteria you use to select your support partners


(1) Eligibility Criteria for Prospective grassroot partners and must meet the following eligibility criteria to be considered for our support.


Prospective grassroots partners must be led by individuals who live and work in the community, and we prioritize organizations whose leaders were born and raised in the community. We do not fund the local offices or affiliates of national or international organizations.


Our aim is to identify organizations that are struggling in their development and that have not received funding from other large domestic or international institutions.


Working directly with children and youth, aged or sick should be the centrepiece of a prospective partners’ work.


Prospective grassroots partners must have systems and processes for ensuring responsible management of funds. At a minimum, an organization needs to have basic accounting and reporting systems as well as phone and email access.


In most cases, non-profit registration with the local or national government is required. If the political context makes legal registration unfeasible, the organization must demonstrate non-profit equivalency. We do not provide start-up funding for the creation of new organizations.


Selection Guidelines Beyond our basic eligibility criteria, we use the following selection guidelines to identify grassroots organizations that are truly exceptional.


Our grassroots partners reach the most vulnerable —those who are economically and socially outside the reach of mainstream services and support, including street children, child laborers, AIDS orphans, children engaged in commercial sex, hard-to-reach rural populations, and other vulnerable or marginalized groups. Poor sick living, Aged, destitute; homeless.


We prioritize organizations that are rooted in their community and operate with community input, involvement, and investment, embracing the community as an integral part of their success.


We prioritize organizations that can demonstrate sustained, meaningful improvement in the lives of the children and youth they serve.


We prioritize organizations that engage individuals as active participants in their own growth and development, rather than as passive recipients of services.


We prioritize organizations that tackle old problems in new ways, demonstrating innovation and creativity in their program strategies and approaches.


We prioritize organizations that have committed, respected, and dynamic leadership with a vision for change.


We prioritize organizations that generate models, methodologies, and practices that can be adapted and applied to similar issues and challenges in other communities.


We prioritize organizations that have a strategy for ensuring the long-term sustainability of their programs, through donor diversification, mobilization of government funding, community investment, income-generating activities, and other creative measures.


We prioritize organizations that are recognized and trusted in their communities.


We only consider individuals who have enrolled at an institution either: primates, secondary, tertiary.

We only consider individuals who have enrolled at a trade learning institute.

We only consider individuals who can produce evidence of a detailed business plan for a small business.

An application that results in a precious pearl recommendation will include the following steps.

Grant allocation will be to organisation and individuals who are well aligned with our brand, goals and objectives. Grants to individual will be solely for education, vocational training, and trade.


Phase 1

The purpose of Phase 1 is to decide whether a candidate/ organization has a reasonable chance of becoming an effective partner charity/ effective selected individual. As well been able to show evidence of our selection criteria

One or two 1-2-hour face to face or phone conversations with candidate. Conversations also with the organization’s staff who are deeply familiar with the program(s) the organization is applying with to understand its priorities, expansion opportunities, internal operations, and monitoring and evaluation.

1.Feedback on conversation notes. For most conversations, we will write summary notes of the conversation and ask the candidate/ organization to review, edit and approve each for publication.

  1. Internal documents, including documents that show how the candidate/ organization uses funds and tracks its impact. We ask that the candidate/ organization specify which documents we may publish on our website and which should be kept confidential

Interim review

At the end of Phase 1, Precious pearl will ask the candidate /organization for permission to publish an interim review. We will share a draft of the interim review and in some cases an accompanying blog post with the candidate/ organization to solicit feedback before publishing. We are happy to publish unedited statements in response from candidate /organizations alongside our work.

Phase 2

We invite effective candidate/ organizations to progress to Phase 2 if we think there is a reasonable chance we will recommend organisations as a dynamic charity following further investigation. Dynamic charities and individuals can show evidence of meeting all our criteria continuously.

At the end of Phase 1 we award 33% of grant

In Phase 2, precious pearl generally asks organisations for:

Several further 1-2-hour phone conversations with knowledgeable staff to discuss outstanding questions and publication of summaries of those conversations for most calls. Additional internal documents. A 2-4-day site visit to an area where the program is being implemented. We take notes and photographs on these visits and request that the candidate organization review, edit and permit us to publish them as appropriate. Feedback on precious pearls final review of the candidate/ organization.

There are four possible outcomes of Phase 2 of our process for

Precious pearl recommends the candidate/ organization as Dynamic.  Precious pearl determines that while the candidate /organization does not meet the bar to be recommended as dynamic. We recognize organizations/individuals that have passed Phase 1 and signed off as effective but do not ultimately meet our criteria for being dynamic. Precious pearl determines that the candidate organization does not fit either of these categories. The candidate organization decides to withdraw from our process.

Provision Allocation


(2) What provisions will your organisation provide, how will the trustees identify the need for such provisions and how will they be delivered in practice?

How will the trustees ensure that such provisions meet the needs of the beneficiaries for which they are intended?


(2) Provisions provided would be food, clothing, health, sanitary products, equipment and other such items that improves quality of life. Presently we identify needs through word of mouth and by advertising for and researching out charities and organisations that need and provide this support.

We request for update meetings with charities supported requesting updates and we keep notes and names where necessary and picture evidences.

We will physically deliver this provisions at scheduled drop off locations with pictures to show this. We will also ship provisions to designated locations.


(3)  What sort of outreaches will the organisation

engage in and what is the purpose of such outreaches?


(3) Outreaches will involve opportunities to bring empowerment and growth to individuals and communities. Empowerment regarding alleviation of poverty and improved standard of living and life. This could involve free seminars and workshops geared towards removing obstacles that inhibit and impede growth. This could also involve organising free vocational trainings, seminars and coaching.


(4) How will your organisation work with other

charities/groups to achieve aim and objectives?  What

arrangements will be in place in respect of this?

Please provide us with specific details of the local partner organisations or other delivery agents that operate overseas on your organisation’s behalf, together with details of the contractual and legal agreements which will be put in place with such



(4) We seek to work with partners who are aligned with our values, reputation, brand and charitable objectives. When selecting partners, we consider both the benefits and disbenefits of each partnership opportunity. This includes an assessment of any financial, legal and reputational risks. Specific decisions on entering into any partnership will depend on the reputation and practices of the individual organisation involved, and on the partnership making a significant contribution to the charitable objectives of the Precious pearl.

When working with partners, we will do so in accordance with our legal obligations under UK charity law.

Precious pearl is committed to ensuring that our partnerships:

1.Support the charitable objectives of the Precious pearl.

  1. Align the Precious pearl with organisations that are consistent with its values, reputation and brand.
  2. Are open and transparent, with written agreements in place

Partnering with the voluntary sector i.e. charities and voluntary organisations will be with the intention of co-ordinating voluntary organisations and collaborative working may include grant-giving, providing provisions.