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We are almost at there!! the International women’s day this year is on the 8th of March. We will be dropping off our very first set of feminine hygiene products to selected schools. We have chosen a few schools who have signified interest as we have limited products, we are handing out packages of feminine hygiene products to these schools around women’s day. Period poverty is a serious issue in the UK. We are determined to put a stop to this by helping one school at a time.

We had interesting conversations with school staff when   phoning around schools and it’s obvious that this is a need. We have received requests for these hygiene products. Please be a part of these and donate to our cause. No girl child should have to go without proper sanitary products when they need it. It breaks our heart that this happens right here in the UK.

We will also be sending feminine hygiene products to the underprivileged in other country working with orphanages and charities too.

We hope to stock up schools with these products so that school nurses can hand out these items when they are needed.

Donations and Hygiene products can be made towards this project all year round, we will continue to hand these out when we get them.

Every girl child is so precious, lets protect our girls!

Thank you.

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