We are hoping to be bigger and better this year. We are already gathering items. Please send in your donations and be a part of this. We hope to be able to co-host with our partner charity for a better Christ hope project this year.

Last year was delightful! We had all hands-on deck, with member producing hampers filled with various items. We handed hampers to the Aged UK as well as to the event hosted by our partner charity called New Testament Church based in Romford.

Every little help went a very long way and we were able to put together quite a lot of hampers for the needy and the aged. We are looking forward to our Christmas project this Christmas too.

You can volunteer to come along with us or give our cause, we want to give more so that   people in need this year can enjoy a   better Christmas than the last!

We never forget to say that Jesus is the reason for the season, and we are following in his footsteps by sharing and caring in love.

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